Graves + Mallett Art Solutions celebrate the life of renowned artist, archivist, filmmaker, writer and photographer, Camille J. Billops. This remarkable woman blazed a trail for African American artists, gallerist, filmmakers and writers. Billops numerous contributions to art and culture in the 20th and 21st centuries are voluminous and her pioneering spirit will be sorely missed. Modest, humorous, creative, generous, reflective, prolific and relevant are just a few of the adjectives that describe Camille J. Billops. She touched the lives of her students, collectors, gallery owners, artists and writers. Ms. Billops was particularly close to Dell Pryor of Dell Pryor Gallery. Through that deep friendship; many Detroit collectors met and purchased many stunning works of the artist. Detroit collectors Anthony Crutchfield, Dr. Dexter Fields, Diane and Saul Green, Julia Pate and GMAS co-founders Leslie Graves and Dr. Denise Mallett are among several local collectors who own Billops’ work.