Artist Consulting

Graves + Mallett Art Solutions consults with artists to protect and preserve their brand and maximize the value of their craft, through legal safeguards. We provide practical legal counsel and services to our artist clients, allowing them to focus on the creative process and innovation. These services include:

  • Licensing and Copyrighting of artist work
  • Positioning artists among collectors and corporate procurers
  • Consulting with artists on Estate & Legacy Planning
  • Advising & counsel in the review of documents and contracts

Licensing and Copyrights:

The licensing and copyrighting of an artist’s work is paramount in maintaining control over their image and brand. GMAS works closely with our legal team and partners to ensure the proper protection is in place to protect our clients:

  • Maintaining control of the artist’s brand
  • Managing the brand as art is displayed in current publications and exhibitions.
  • Managing assets as the value of the estate increases

Artist Estate & Legacy Planning:

For the artist, Estate & Legacy planning has important implications for how their financial and artistic legacy will be carried on. Graves + Mallett will work with each client to develop a comprehensive legacy plan that fits their needs. GMAS understands the importance of capturing the artist’s wishes and making sure they are communicated in a way that is legally enforceable and sustainable for generations to come.

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