Curating Residential Collections

Every home is unique, and the residential art displayed is a reflection of an individual aesthetic and personal pride. GMAS will assess your personal style and assist you in selecting fine art for your home art collection that perfectly fits the ethos of your environment.

While building a personal collection it is important to protect it. We assist our clients with cataloguing and appraisal services for personal records or insurance verification needs.

Collections Curating:

Using our extensive knowledge of art as well as of emerging and established artists to assist collectors in selecting art.

Legacy Education/Consulting:

Working with the families and heirs of artists and of collectors to ensure that the value of the collection is appreciated, increased or that it provides ongoing benefits, as desired.

Artwork Appraisals:

Guiding the process of appraisal and valuation to ensure proper authentication of artworks:

  • Establishing the fair market value for each work within an estate or collection, as needed, to set a reasonable resale value.
  • Establishing the replacement value, for insurance or tax purposes.

Collection Cataloguing:

Cataloging a client’s estate or private art collection is essential for ensuring the tradition and legacy of a collection is captured. GMAS provides cataloging services based on the client’s needs, including:

  • Capturing the artistic expression with professional photographs, establishing the condition of the work and authenticating indicators.
  • Using industry specific collection management system software to inventory the collection with a succinct description of the work.
  • Capturing sales documents and any additional paperwork.

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