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During this unprecedented time, we find ourselves home-bound, perhaps ringing our hands out of fear of the real possibility of contracting the coronavirus and losing funds we have earmarked for retirement due to the volatility of the stock market,  we seek comfort. In seeking comfort for ourselves and our loved ones, let us not forget the creative class. Those individuals who in good  or challenging times, continuously  pour out their creative voices on to canvas, paper, glass, clay, metal and fabric. Remember artists are the CEO’s of their individual businesses. With the closure of galleries and museums, our beloved artists will experience economic hardship immediately. Let us not forget them.

Consider a supportive gesture by sending an artist a note of encouragement; after all, visual artists almost always work alone. A positive statement with a monetary gift would make the day of a creative. Is now the time to make a purchase of art from an artist, or enter into an installment payment arrangement? Malls are closed so the answer is yes. Monthly payments to an artist could tide one over while the collector gets closer and closer to acquiring that magnificent work of art that you put off. In keeping with directives from state and local government to adhere to social distancing, host a virtual studio tour or artist talk with the artist of your choice on your social media page. This event will go a long way to support and promote the artist.

Because travel is discouraged at this time, you can have the ultimate art experience without leaving your home. Google Arts & Culture has teamed up with over 1500 museums and galleries worldwide to bring you online exhibits from some of the world’s most famous museums. Travel and experience fine art from your couch and be comforted.