Graves+Mallett Art Solutions was formed by two enthusiastic art collectors, Leslie Graves, Esq. and Denise Mallett, Ed.D. A lawyer and higher education professional. Graves+Mallett have enjoyed sharing their love of art with others by encouraging art collecting, hosting art salons, maintaining both memberships and leadership roles in art and philanthropic organizations, all the while advocating the importance of preserving African American art and culture for future generations.
Recognizing the myriad of needs of collectors and artists, GMAS was developed to create solutions for both. GMAS services two audiences. First, GMAS builds collections for the residential and corporate collector one work at a time. Further, GMAS provides professional services to artists that will both build and reinforce the necessary safety net to maintain solvency while dwelling in their creative pursuits.


Artist Consulting is one of our core services offered by Graves+Mallett Art Solutions. We provide practical legal support to our clients. The overall aim is to produce professional and legal safeguards that position artists to maximize the value and sustainability of their brand.


Every home is different, and the residential art displayed is a reflection of an individual aesthetic and a personal pride. Our experts identify pieces for your home art collection that perfectly fit the ethos of your space.


A company’s identity is about more than its mission statement. From eye-catching statement pieces, to classic sculptures or paintings, our corporate art consultants help tell your brand story throughout your entire floor plan.

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March 20, 2020

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